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Heroes of Switzerland - Comfort in Fear cover
The new album - Comfort in Fear

"The Nottingham four-piece have taken all of the great rock reference points from the late 80s through to the late 90s and combined them into one beguiling whole... this is a really good album.. 8/10" - Classic Rock

"Soaring, stadium-filling sounds... expect big things... 7/10" - Rock Sound

But it now - £9 UK, £10 Rest of the World
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Album available for download from CD Baby - (North America only) and Northern Star Records.
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Heroes of Switzerland. What happens when a drumming powerhouse meets melodic basslines, overblown guitar effects obsessives and an anthemic sensibility that can only see stadium crowds.

Veering between rock riffs and the layered sounds of shoegazing, but always with melody in mind, Heroes of Switzerland are constantly searching for the moment when the sheer intensity and beauty of the sound replaces reality.

Frustration, energy and anger mix with melancholy, tenderness and yearning. There’s no easy way of being. Sometimes music is the only escape and Heroes of Switzerland are your ticket out of here.

Come in from the cold, leave the dying and the old to crave for company.
Run into the wild and free.

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